Command Tech Clubs

Image Source: Coding like a Girl

A fun way to bring technology-related education to your school

Command Tech Clubs is a program that will allow female and non-binary students to start a tech club at their school. With one of reasons that cause a gender gap in technology being the lack of exposure at an early age, these clubs are able to provide an opportunity for students to expose themselves to the world of technology through project-based curriculum that have different career tracks and the opportunity to complete projects that create social impact. Clubs are open to all genders; however, club leaders must be female or non-binary.

Start a Command Tech Club at your school to:

  • Receive guidance on starting and running a tech club
  • Gain access to a tailored curriculum
  • Be a part of a unique project-based learning program
  • Have mentors to guide your clubs on projects
  • Gain access to Command Tech programs and events, such as ⌘ Connect
  • Create a technological community
  • Gain leadership experience through working with teams